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Block Buddy

Block Buddy

The Block Buddy is a hand-crafted wooden block, meticulously designed to fit the contours of your body to melt through frozen fascia that leads to pain, disease and pre-mature aging. See details...
Block Therapy Videos

Freedom is Only A Block Away

This 3-part instructional video series brings Block Therapy, the world's most effective body work practice, into the comfort of your own home. See details...
Block Therapy Instructor Training

Instructor Training

We are currently seeking passionate and energetic people who want to help us bring Block Therapy to the world. Training begins June 2014. See details...

Begin Reversing the Effects of Trauma,
Injury and Aging on Your Body TODAY!

In addition to prompting healing from chronic conditions, Fluid Isometrics will help you:

  • Bring back the internal space that gravity and time have taken away
  • Harness the power of conscious diaphragmatic breathing to fast track your results
  • Release hidden energy blocks
  • Use proper posture to lock in your progress.

Conventional massage only addresses the surface layer of tissue, which means it can only offer a temporary improvement. Fluid Isometrics goes much deeper, melting away scar tissue and creating the space needed for proper blood and energy circulation throughout your body.